Abiba Koné est une jeune dipômée de l’Université Felix Houphouet Boigny. Avec ses amis AFFI Olless, DIARA Aida, Mody Kamossoko et en compagnie de l’équipe de la Maison Connectée des Savoirs de Grand-Lahou, elle a sejournée dans la ville aux 3 Ô. En anglais, comme elle nous a habitué, elle fait un retour de cette expérience de formation et de découverte. <I was already excited when I knew that I was going to work with kids during two days. My happiness was more significant once I knew that I would have the oportunity to share, play, dance and laught with these children while sharing my passion with them ENGLISH at « la Maison Connectée des Savoirs ».

I have once been to Grand Lahou, But I knew that this experience will make a difference.

With my dynamique team we left Abidjan on Friday at 3 PM. In my team you could see first the journalist with his camera proudly hold, Then Affi with a special hat with palm tree design giving an idea of the beautiful nature awaiting us.

The smile of the three Girls (I included) Could make anybody think that we are going for a smilling competition.

The goal gathering us allowed each and everyone to fell as if we knew each other for years.

I have ever dreamed to sleep in camp like I usually see on TV, and yes this dream came true when I saw them I was astonished thinking about how sleeping in it would be. After sharing the most famous food we had here (APF) smoked fish and attiéké, I could not wait to know how we may feel sleeping in the tent. All I can say after sleeping in one is « Just try it » and then you could understand how cool and different it might be.

On Saturday before 8 am you saw children aged from 5 to 16 wearing their nicest clothes and wearing their beautiful smilles. They have been divided into 2 groups (primary and secondary level). Aidara started entertaining the small ones with numbers and songs while the other groupe members was learning by making their own copy books with Affi and the rest of the team members, helping and supporting.

Before lunch everyone got his book made by himself covered with a beautiful African fabric.

After a sweet lunch made of attieké and fried fish eaten with apetite, BOOOOOOM, the English training started. We had singing and drawing. activities.

We have done the body part throught a song (head shoulders, knees and toes knees and toes…)

The painting activity linked to it was first, choosing your favorite color in english then you put your hands in this color before puting it on the paper. We could see everyone’s signature at the end.

With those of primary level the singing and dancing activities was about the days of the week. Their painting activity consisted in adding their choice leaves color to a tree.

Before ending, all together learned some action words such as : JUMP, SIT DOWN, CLAP YOUR HANDS, SLEEP, STAND UP and the last game consisted in jumping once we said « jump » and sleeping once we said « sleep ».

Seeing every kids learning while playing was worth making the trip. I loved this experience.

As perspective we can organise 2 weeks tour in 4 differents regions to initiate kids to DIY (Do It Yourself) and spread the love of English language.>> Koné Abiba

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